Meret Wellmann Production Design & Animation Direction

The documentary follows four children that lost a parent to suicide. They talk about the grieving process, that Milou, the director of the movie, had to go through herself. The stop motion animation translates the different emotions the children have into different worlds the character travels through. 

Documentary / Stopmotion Animation, 2020, Netherlands 

Director: Milou Gevers

DoP: Lola Mooij 

Production Design: Meret Wellmann, Mey Rahimi, Kathleen Hilbers, Lotty Mulleners

Producers: Annerose van Strijen, Quita Ruijgro

Golden Medal,  Student Academy Awards 2021

Best Documentary, Cilect Price 2021

Jury Award 2021, Zlin Film Festival

AHK Eindwerkprijs 2020

Keep an Eye Filmacademie festival price 2020

KNF Award 2020

Neon Award 2020